Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions frequently posed to Personal PAC:

Q: What is Personal PAC?

A: Personal PAC is a bi-partisan statewide political action committee ("PAC") dedicated to electing pro-choice candidates. Since 1978, Personal PAC has been giving financial and volunteer support to pro-choice candidates throughout Illinois.

Q: Why are there no federal candidates endorsed?

A: We are a state PAC. By law we cannot endorse candidates in federal races nor contribute resources to federal candidates.

Q: Do you provide abortion services?

A: No, please visit  or for more information about obtaining reproductive health services.

Q: Can you tell me what a legislators voting history is on reproductive healthcare?

A: The Planned Parenthood Action Center keeps great records of that information. Please see their Scorecard and Voter Guide for more information.

Q: Are donations tax-deductible?

A: Contributions are not tax deductible.

Q: Does Personal PAC have a foundation?

A: Yes. It works to educate Illinois residents about their reproductive rights and how to access those rights.  Donations can only be accepted from trusts, bequests and solicited foundations.

Q: Do you endorse candidates based on other issues?

A: We only evaluate a candidate’s position on reproductive health care. A candidate will be assessed only on that criterion.

Q: Why do you endorse candidates whose leaders are anti-choice?

A: Personal PAC supports candidates who are pro-choice. Candidates supported by Personal PAC are encouraged to express their pro-choice positions not only to their political party caucus leaders in the General Assembly but also to the entire political leadership of their respective parties. Personal PAC's goal is that every candidate, for every office of both political parties, be pro-choice and believe that abortion is a private and personal decision between a woman, her doctor and her conscience, not politicians.

Q: Why are you bi-partisan?

A: Personal PAC is bi-partisan because reproductive choice will only be fully safeguarded when it enjoys support across both political parties. As long as access to reproductive health care is viewed as a partisan issue, it will never be settled and can always be threatened. This is true historically regarding many important issues over the past century.

Opposition to abortion rights is bi-partisan in Illinois, with both Democrats and Republicans supporting making abortion illegal in Illinois. Likewise, strong support for abortion rights is found among both Republican and Democratic elected officials.

Finally, support for reproductive rights in Illinois is not strong enough among either Democrats or Republicans. For example, there are NOT 60 pro-choice Democratic votes in the Illinois House, and there are NOT 60 pro-choice Republican votes in the Illinois House. Until such time that there are 60 Democratic or 60 Republican votes (number of votes needed to defeat or pass a bill in the Illinois House) we will need to get those 60 votes from a bi-partisan coalition of BOTH Republicans and Democrats to make sure the women of Illinois are protected. It is doubtful that a woman who has been raped and is told by her doctor that it is illegal for her to get an abortion would care if it were Democrats or Republicans that voted to deny her a safe and legal abortion.

Q: When will I get my voters' guide?

A: It will arrive via mail approximately a month before the election and is available on our website.

Q: How do I find out what district I live in?

A: Contact your local County Clerk’s Office, or visit the Illinois State Board of Elections District/Official Search.

Q: Why give to a PAC rather than directly to the candidate?

A: Your Personal PAC dollars will do far more than just elect one individual pro-choice candidate.  By giving to Personal PAC, you will be supporting a coordinated state-wide strategy designed to elect a pro-choice majority in Illinois. In addition, your Personal PAC contribution will be identified as a contribution to support reproductive choice. Candidates who receive support from Personal PAC will know that we support them because of their pro-choice position, and that we will expect them to continue supporting reproductive health policies after they are elected.

Q: What about other pro-choice groups?

A: There are many wonderful pro-choice groups, reproductive health care providers and organizations in Illinois whose wider agenda includes support and advocacy for abortion and reproductive rights. However, Personal PAC is the only organization in Illinois that is dedicated solely to the recruitment, comprehensive support, and election of pro-choice candidates to state and local office.

Personal PAC's mission is simple, straight forward, and has a history of effectiveness: elect pro-choice candidates who will protect the right to choose. Other states around Illinois and across the nation that do not have the electoral focus of an organization like Personal PAC are facing dire consequences as a result.

Personal PAC has been an integral part of the statewide effort to ensure that doctors, and all health care professionals can meet the reproductive needs of all women in Illinois, putting the health and lives of women above politics. tel: (312) 422-0005 fax: (312) 422-0122