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Repeal PNA in Illinois – Fighting to Protect Young People

We must Repeal PNA in Illinois. We must protect young people who are seeking time sensitive healthcare.

Parental involvement laws – like Illinois’ PNA law – create undue burdens for young people and are being weaponized to advance anti-choice legislation. For example, a recent Rewire article demonstrates this reality based on a new Indiana ruling and states,

“Anti-choice lawmakers are relying on widespread support for seemingly harmless parental involvement laws to sneak through their agenda without appearing too extremist, even though these laws are just as extreme as any abortion restriction. And it’s a stark look into how abortion opponents plan to use abortion restrictions that appear less polarizing, but are nonetheless harmful and unnecessary, to gain ground in their fight to restrict access.”

This isn’t just an issue other states are dealing with. Illinois also has a dangerous parental notice law on the books and it’s time we tell legislators that they have a choice. Either protect the most vulnerable young people in our state, or stand with the anti-choice extremists’ right-wing agenda.

So, we just released a new website to do exactly this. If you haven’t already seen it, please visit the site and learn how you can take action to repeal PNA in Illinois. We need your support to share this website with every pro-choice voter across Illinois. Can you share it with 3 friends today?

Click here to check it out & take action to #RepealPNA!

Thank you for helping us make Illinois 100% pro-choice by fighting to protect the most vulnerable young people in our state. Reproductive health care & reproductive rights in Illinois are on the line – but together we can defeat the anti-choice extremists!

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