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Right-Wing Politicians Want To Send Women’s Rights Into The Back Alley.

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Beside donating, there are a lot of ways we count on you to take action. These include:

Women Are At Risk Everywhere.

Keep Illinois Safe for Women

All across the Midwest, women are having their reproductive rights taken away. Get involved to help us keep Illinois safe for women in the state and across the Midwest. We can continue to be a sanctuary for women’s reproductive rights and health care, but only if we continue electing pro-choice leaders.

More on anti-choice laws in the Midwest

Pro-choice Bills Passed

Anti-choice Bills Defeated


Election success for actively supported candidates

Candidates successfully elected

Stay Informed on the Issues

Learn what is at stake for women’s health care and reproductive rights and what can be done to protect the population. All across the country, states are enacting cruel and dangerous abortion laws, and many anti-choice activists in Illinois are trying to do the same. Understand what we are fighting against, and who we are fighting for.

Contact Your Elected Officials

Most of us don’t know who our state representatives or senators are, but they vote on the crucial issues that impact our everyday lives. Elected officials react to their constituents when they hear from them. Learn who represents you, and make sure they hear your voice and help protect women’s health care. 

Volunteer for Our Board

Show support by volunteering for one of our boards, including the Personal PAC Board of Directors, Men4Choice, Lawyers for Choice, and Future Voices. When you lend your time, talent, and trust, we can keep abortion safe and legal in Illinois.

Share Your Story

When abortion rights are taken away, real people suffer. Real lives are shattered. Real people die. When there is a choice, there is hope. That’s why we fight for women’s reproductive rights, and why we ask you to share your story. Help us remove the stigma surrounding abortion and show others that they are not alone. Your story will inspire action.

Pro-Choice. No Exceptions. No Compromise.

Donate Now To Defeat Anti-Choice Extremists

The opponents of choice never stop their assault on women’s rights. Every generation has to fight. And for every generation, Personal PAC will be there. Help us protect women today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

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