OPINION: Sen. Foreman promises a six-shooter in every pot

2017-09-12 | Moscow-Pullman Daily News

Sept. 12--Absolutism. A world of black and white.

Most of us know that we live in a world that not only has many shades of gray, but also colors far beyond anything in a rainbow.

Yet, when it comes to politics, opinions often get stated as though life were a comic book without hue or shading.

Everyone should carry a gun -- or at least be able to. Guns are to blame for our worst violence.

No one should have an abortion or get welfare checks. Men shouldn't tell women what to do with their bodies.

Trump is the anti-Christ. Obama and Hillary are both the anti-Christ.

Cut taxes. Raise benefits.

Our military is the most powerful in the world. Our military's weapons are dangerously out of date.

Only government can solve our biggest problems. Government is our biggest problem.

Our own local state Sen. Dan Foreman, a Republican from Viola, fits nicely in this comic book world.

His pronouncements on abortion and, most recently, guns reveal little recognition -- or maybe acceptance -- of the complexities of life and politics.

It's a little odd for a former military and police officer who should have seen plenty of life's complexities in his career.

In Idaho, it's already easy to carry a gun in the counties, in the cities or on the campuses.

But there are a few places on campus where this still has been restricted. State law allows campuses to set some rules on guns.

That irritates Foreman -- too gray -- and he plans to try to fix it.

"I know they're concerned about safety and that's a good thing, but you know what, it's time they treated people like adults," Foreman said. "It's time to drop all these restrictions and just let people enjoy their constitutional right."

"Our people are adult enough," he said, "And those that aren't, they get identified real quick, and they suffer the consequences."

Society has been limiting where guns are appropriate since the days of the Wild West, because the wrong people were suffering the consequences of immature gun play.

In fact, there's an ongoing case involving a gun death from just such actions in Latah County District Court.

Certainly, it rarely happens.

But what public demand for more guns does Foreman hear that most of us don't?