Personal PAC's 2023 Endorsements of Pro-Choice Candidates


2023 Municipal Election Endorsements

The Personal PAC Board of Directors is proud to release its endorsements of pro-choice candidates leading up to the April 4, 2023, Chicago Runoff Elections.

In a post-Roe world, it is more important than ever that voters be informed on how the people running to represent them at every level of government would act (or not act) to protect their reproductive rights.

In the Dobbs decision (insert booing here), the Supreme Court left the ability to regulate abortion to the “people and their elective representatives.” And elected representatives in the Mayor’s Office and on City Council have a lot of power to affect different outcomes for the city.

They have the ability to grant resources through the city budgeting process and the allocation of TIF dollars. They have the ability to regulate sidewalk and street access, and respond to protests. They have a responsibility to provide services that enhance the public health of the city and set healthcare policies for the thousands of workers employed by the City of Chicago and its sister agencies.

Your voting for only these pro-choice candidates will hasten the day when Illinois protects the reproductive health care of ALL women regardless of zip code, age or source of health insurance coverage.

Click here for information about voting in Chicago, to check your registration status, find your polling place, or request a ballot by mail

Aldermanic Candidates
Ward 4 – Prentice Butler & Lamont Robinson Jr.
Ward 5  – Martina Hone & Desmon Yancy
Ward 6  – William Hall
Ward 10 – Ana Guajardo
Ward 11 – Nicole Lee
Ward 21 – Ronnie Mosley
Ward 30 – Ruth Cruz & Jessica Gutierrez
Ward 43 – Timmy Knudsen
Ward 45 – Megan Mathias
Ward 46 – Angela Clay & Kimberly Walz
Ward 48 – Joe Dunne & Leni Manaa–Hoppenworth

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Help Us Keep Illinois a Safe Haven For Choice in the Midwest

For every step forward we take, the forces of reaction try to drag us three steps back. We won’t let the misogynists win. With your support, and your help, we’ll keep fighting against the relentless assault on women’s reproductive rights. Let’s keep making history, together.

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