Personal PAC's 2023 Endorsements of Pro-Choice Candidates

Pro-Choice. No Exceptions.

2024 Primary Election Endorsements

The Personal PAC Board of Directors is proud to release its endorsements of pro-choice candidates leading up to the March 19, 2024 Primary Elections.

Abortion rights are on the ballot in 2024, and it has never been more important that we elect leaders up and down the ballot who are unapologetic in their support of reproductive rights and willing to do everything in their power to ensure access to abortion care is accessible to everyone in Illinois.

The people of Illinois trust Personal PAC’s endorsements to ensure that they are only voting for 100% pro-choice candidates. We have worked hard to turn Illinois into a safe haven for abortion access and reproductive rights. Every election, every cycle we must defend the progress we have won and work to make sure that abortion stays safe, legal, and accessible to all in Illinois. 

Click here for information about voting in Illinois, to check your registration status, find your polling place, or request a ballot by mail

Illinois State Senate

SD 1 – Javier Cervantes

SD 4 – Kimberly Lightford

SD 5 – Lakesia Collins

SD 7 – Michael Simmons

SD 10 – Robert Martwick

SD 13 – Robert Peters

SD 20 – Natalie Toro

SD 22 – Cristina Castro

SD 25 – Karina Villa

SD 28 – Laura Murphy

SD 31 – Mary Edly Allen 

SD 34 – Steve Stadelman  

SD 43 – Rachel Ventura  

SD 46 – David Koehler 

SD 52 – Paul Faraci

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District
(6-Year Term) – Marcelino Garcia

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District
(6-Year Term) – Kari K. Steele

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District
(6-Year Term) – Daniel “Pogo” Pogorzelski

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District
(2-Year Term) – Precious Brady-Davis

Cook County

Cook County Commissioner (1st District) – Tara Stamps


Illinois House of Representatives

HD 2 – Lisa Hernandez

HD 3 – Eva-Dina Delgado

HD 4 – Lilian Jiménez

HD 5 – Kimberly du Buclet

HD 6 – Sonya M. Harper

HD 7 – Emanuel “Chris” Welch

HD 9 – Yolonda Morris

HD 11 –  Ann M. Williams

HD 12 – Margaret Croke

HD 13 – Hoan Huynh

HD 14 – Kelly M.  Cassidy

HD 15 – Michael J. Kelly

HD 16 – Kevin John Olickal

HD 17 – Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz

HD 18 – Robyn Gabel

HD 19 – Lindsey LaPointe

HD 21 – Abdelnasser Rashid

HD 23 – Edgar Gonzalez, Jr.

HD 24 – Theresa Mah

HD 26 – Kam Buckner

HD 27 – Justin Slaughter

HD 28 – Robert “Bob” Rita

HD 29 – Thaddeus Jones

HD 31 – Michael Crawford

HD 32 – Lisa J. Davis 

HD 34 – Nicholas K. Smith

HD 35 – Mary Gill

HD 39 – Will Guzzardi

HD 40 – Jaime M. Andrade, Jr. 

HD 41 – Janet Yang Rohr

HD 42 – Terra Costa Howard

HD 43 – Anna Moeller

HD 45 – Martha Deuter

HD 46 – Diane Blair-Sherlock

HD 49 – Maura Hirschauer

HD 50 – Barbara Hernandez

HD 51 – Nabeela Syed

HD 52 – Maria Peterson

HD 53 – Mark L. Walker

HD 54 – Mary Beth Canty

HD 56 – Michelle Mussman

HD 57 – Tracy Katz Muhl 

HD 58 – Bob Morgan

HD 59 – Daniel Didech

HD 61 – Joyce Mason

HD 62 – Laura Faver Dias

HD 65 – Linda R. Robertson

HD 66 – Suzanne M. Ness

HD 67 – Maurice A. West, II

HD 69 – Peter Janko

HD 70 – Randi Olson

HD 72 – Gregg Johnson

HD 74 – David Simpson

HD 76 – Amy “Murri” Briel

HD 76 – Cohen Barnes

HD 76 – Carolyn “Morris” Zasada

HD 79 – William Morgan

HD 83 – Matt Hanson

HD 84 – Stephanie A. Kifowit

HD 85 – Dagmara Avelar

HD 91 – Sharon Chung

HD 95 – Kristen Chiaro

HD 97 – Harry Benton

HD 98 – Natalie A. Manley

HD 104 – Jarrett Clem

HD 112 – Katie Stuart

HD 114 – LaToya Greenwood



1st Supreme, Burke Vacancy, Joy Virginia Cunningham

1st Appellate, Connors Vacancy, Mary Lane Mikva

1st Appellate, Cunningham Vacancy, Cynthia Y. Cobbs

1st Appellate, Delort Vacancy, Celia Louise Gamrath

1st Appellate, O’Neill Burke Vacancy, Carl Anthony Walker

3rd Appellate, Lytton Vacancy, Joe Hettel

3rd Appellate, O’Brien Vacancy, Linda Davenport

3rd Appellate, Schmidt Vacancy, Lance Peterson

Cook County Circuit Court, Flannery, Jr. Vacancy, Pablo F. deCastro

Cook County Circuit Court, Gaughan Vacancy, Corinne C. Heggie 

Cook County Circuit Court, Haberkorn Vacancy, Sarah Johnson

Cook County Circuit Court, Hubbard Vacancy, Deidre M. Dyer

Cook County Circuit Court, Mitchell Vacancy, Neil Cohen

Cook County Circuit Court, Murphy Vacancy, Edward Joseph Underhill

Cook County Circuit Court,  Propes Vacancy, Debjani “Deb” Desai

Cook County Circuit Court, Sullivan Vacancy, James S. Murphy-Aguilú

Cook County Circuit Court, Walker Vacancy, Chloe Georgianna Pedersen

Cook County 3rd Subcircuit, Harmening Vacancy, Pat Heery

Cook County 4th Subcircuit, King Vacancy, Philip Fowler

Cook County 4th Subcircuit, Maloney Vacancy, Koula A. Fournier

Cook County 5th Subcircuit, Lewis Vacancy, Yolanda Harris Sayre

Cook County 7th Subcircuit, Solganick Vacancy, Owens J. Shelby

Cook County 8th Subcircuit, Collins-Dole Vacancy, Loveleen Ahuja

Cook County 10th Subcircuit, Wojkowski Vacancy, Liam Kelly

Cook County 11th Subcircuit, Daleo Vacancy, Kim Przekota

Cook County 12th Subcircuit, Dickler Vacancy, Alon Stein

Cook County 12th Subcircuit, Quinn Vacancy, Frank J. Andreou

Cook County 12th Subcircuit, James “Jack” Costello

Cook County 13th Subcircuit, Betar, III Vacancy, Ralph E. Meczyk

Cook County 13th Subcircuit, Steffen Vacancy, Mary Sevandal Cohen

Cook County 14th Subcircuit, O’Hara Vacancy, Griselda Vega Samuel

Cook County 17th Subcircuit, Converted from Associate Judgeship of Carmen K. Aguilar, Rivanda Doss Beal

Cook County 18th Subcircuit, Converted from Associate Judgeship of James B. Linn, John Hock

Cook County 18th Subcircuit, Converted from Associate Judgeship of Lauren Gottainer Edidin, Sunil Bhave

Cook County 19th Subcircuit, Converted from Associate Judgeship of Robert E. Senechalle, Jr., Risa Renee Lanier

Cook County 19th Subcircuit, Converted from Associate Judgeship of Robert E. Senechalle, Jr., Bridget Colleen Duignan

Cook County 20th Subcircuit, Converted from Associate Judgeship of Elizabeth M. Budzinski, Nickolas Pappas

Cook County 20th Subcircuit, Converted from Associate Judgeship of Elizabeth M. Budzinski, Michael J. Zink

 Cook County 20th Subcircuit, Converted from Associate Judgeship of Elizabeth M. Budzinski, Nadine Jean Wichern

16th  Circuit, 4th Subcircuit, Hull, III Vacancy, Sandra Parga

18th Circuit, 1st Subcircuit, Brennan Vacancy, Chantelle Porter

18th Circuit, 2nd Subcircuit, Davenport Vacancy, Jennifer Barron

18th Circuit, 3rd Subcircuit, Kinsella Vacancy, Leah Danielle Setzen

Help Us Keep Illinois a Safe Haven For Choice in the Midwest

For every step forward we take, the forces of reaction try to drag us three steps back. We won’t let the misogynists win. With your support, and your help, we’ll keep fighting against the relentless assault on women’s reproductive rights. Let’s keep making history, together.

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