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Despite the progress made for reproductive rights in Illinois over the past few decades, there is much work to be done to ensure that ALL women are guaranteed access to reproductive healthcare. With a pro-choice Governor and Attorney General now in place, Personal PAC is focusing its attention on removing the remaining restrictions that continue to impede a woman’s access to a safe and legal abortion across the state.

2020 General Election Endorsements

Making Illinois a Safe Place for a Post-Roe Era

Thanks to Donald Trump’s anti-choice Supreme Court, the dismantling of Roe v. Wade isn’t just a threat; it is inevitable. We need your help to ensure that access to reproductive healthcare remains the law in Illinois in a post-Roe era for ALL women.

The repeal of Illinois’ forced Teen Endangerment Law (SB 1594), which puts the lives of teenagers at risk, must be passed ASAP. SB 1594 is under fierce attack by right-wingers attempting to rob women of their basic human rights. To learn more about the bill and to contact your legislators and urge them to take action, please click below:

Repeal Illinois’ Forced Parental Involvement Law

The Insanity of Religious Refusals

Women who receive treatment at Catholic health care facilities that adhere to the Catholic Bishops’ “Ethical and Religious Directives” are being denied basic and life-saving care. Even when a pregnancy may be threatening their health and lives, women are refused abortions, contraceptives, and tubal ligation. Men are refused vasectomies. Rape victims are refused emergency contraception, and trans patients have been refused care. Yet the Chicago City Council recklessly voted to give $5.6 million taxpayer dollars to Catholic Presence Health Care, dooming women across the city to incomplete access to reproductive health care and robbing them of their basic human right to control their lives, bodies and futures.

Read a letter from Catholics for Choice to Chicago City Council Members

 More on Catholic Directives

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Help Us Keep Illinois a Safe Haven For Choice in the Midwest

For every step forward we take, the forces of reaction try to drag us three steps back. We won’t let the misogynists win. With your support, and your help, we’ll keep fighting against the relentless assault on women’s reproductive rights. Let’s keep making history, together.

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