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2019 Chicago Municipal
Run-Off Election Endorsements

The Personal PAC Board of Directors is pleased to announce its endorsements in select contested races in the April 2nd election.

It is critical that we elect a solidly pro-choice Chicago City Council this election to protect the rights of the women of our city and to keep our tax dollars from funding extreme anti-choice organizations under the guise of providing healthcare. Please put the health and lives of Chicago women and families first when you cast your ballot.


Endorsed Candidate(s)
Mayor Toni Preckwinkle
5 Leslie Hairston
6 Deborah Foster-Bonner
15 Rafael Yanez
16 Toni Foulkes
20 Nicole Johnson
Jeanette Taylor
25 Alex Acevedo
30 Jessica Washington Gutierrez
31 Felix Cardona, Jr.
33 Deb Mell
39 Samantha Nugent
40 Andre Vasquez
43 Michele Smith
46 James Cappleman
47 Matt Martin
Michael Negron

Help Us Keep Illinois Safe Haven For Choice in the Midwest

For every step forward we take, the forces of reaction try to drag us three steps back. We won’t let the misogynists win. With your support, and your help, we’ll keep fighting against the relentless assault on women’s reproductive rights. Let’s keep making history, together.

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