Personal PAC's 27th Virtual Annual Awards Luncheon


Personal PAC’s
Virtual 27th Annual Awards Luncheon

With special guests: Secretary Hillary Clinton*, Jane Fonda, Cecile Richards, and Kim Foxx

Honoring: Bryan Howard, Heather Booth, and Toi Hutchinson

Wednesday, October 21, 2020 | Pre-Luncheon Events: 11:00 AM | Luncheon Program: Noon

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*via taped address

Heather Booth is a civil rights activist, feminist, and political strategist who founded Chicago’s Jane Collective. Her organizing work started with the civil rights movement, anti-Vietnam War efforts, and women’s movements of the 1960s. Heather is the founding Director and now President of the Midwest Academy—an organization training social change leaders and organizers. She has directed and worked on numerous national campaigns, including the 2000 NAACP National Voter Fund, the Health Care Campaign, Americans for Financial Reform, the Alliance for Citizenship, and many others.

The Jane Collective was an underground Chicago-based organization run by a group of women who put themselves at risk to help women obtain (then, illegal) abortions from 1969 until abortions became legal in 1973. It’s estimated the group performed more than 11,000 abortions. We Are All Jane!

Bryan Howard is the President & CEO of Planned Parenthood Arizona. He is also the current Board Chair of Rewire.News. Bryan served various roles at Planned Parenthood Illinois for more than ten years prior to his current position. In his decades of nonprofit leadership, Bryan has tirelessly worked to expand access to healthcare and education with the goal of ensuring all people have the resources they need to make their own choices regarding their lives and reproductive health.

Toi Hutchinson is the Senior Adviser to Governor Pritzker on Cannabis Control. Toi was previously the State Senator of Illinois’ 40th District for a decade where she fought for justice and equity by fiercely advocating for working families, quality education, job creation, and public safety. A pro-choice hero, Toi was a co-sponsor of the 2019 Reproductive Health Act (RHA). She was also the past President of the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Pro-Choice. No Exceptions.

The opponents of choice never stop their assault on women’s rights. Every generation has to fight. And in every generation, Personal PAC will be there. Help us protect women today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

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