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The 1/6 Insurrection &

Anti-Choice Extremism

Anti-choice extremism and white supremacy overlap which is why we need to donate to pro-choice candidates!

Donate to pro-choice campaigns to defend our democracy.

We continue to discover more disturbing information about the January 6th insurrection when violent mobs tried (and succeeded in some places) to breach the Capitol earlier this year. While the attack itself and what we continue to learn are terrifying, the connection to anti-choice extremism is not surprising. So now, we need to donate to pro-choice campaigns to fight back!

Donate to pro-choice candidates to protect our rights & democracy!

Violent, hateful groups like the Oath Keepers, QAnon, and the Proud Boys (just to name a few) have a long history of anti-choice extremism which helped fuel the fire on January 6th. As Jordyn Close, a reproductive justice advocate, said in this article, “The venn diagram of white supremacists and antis is a circle.”

Two individuals who might sounds familiar – John Brockhoeft and Derrick Evans – were both part of the Capitol attack. Brockhoeft firebombed an Ohio Planned Parenthood clinic in 1985 and has recently been part of Covid-19 protests. And Evans regularly harassed patients and staff at the only abortion clinic in the state before he was elected to the West Virginia House of Delegates (he has since been arrested).

The connection between these groups is complex and worrisome. Furthermore, this quote from Ms. Magazine makes it clear just how seriously we need to take this reality and why we need to fight to protect women’s reproductive rights in Illinois.

Abortion opponents not only were part of the destructive melee at the Capitol—they also have modeled radicalization techniques used in building insurrectionary fever by successfully deploying incendiary lies and conspiracy theories… The same violent brew of paramilitary warriors, white supremacists, and Christian militants that we saw descending on the Capitol building merged to oppose abortion with lethal force decades ago. “Pro-lifers” who committed arson and murder also have been militia members and Holocaust deniers.

This is what we’re up against. This is why we need to donate to pro-choice causes. 

Yes, it’s about ensuring all people have the freedom to control their own bodies. But it’s also about resisting hate, racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, right-wing extremism, and the decay of our democracy. We understand just how dire this situation is. So we hope you believe in us enough to support our work so we can fight back… and win!

What can you – and we – do? Our top priority is to secure the re-election of every single one of our pro-choice elected officials and candidates next year. The 2022 election is the most important Illinois election in over 50 years. We must fight back with everything we have for the next eleven months to ensure the protection of reproductive rights for the next generation – and beyond.

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