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Illinois Elections 101

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Illinois’ pro-choice organization breaks down the 2022 election & why it’s so consequential.


As of March, all candidates running for office in Illinois have officially filed. Among them are hundreds of anti-choice extremists who want Illinois’ reproductive rights laws to mirror those in Texas and Mississippi. So, we need your help in educating every pro-choice voter that the 2022 election is the most consequential Illinois election in over 50 years. Every single seat is up for re-election and the fate of reproductive rights in the voters’ hands. Thankfully, Personal PAC, Illinois’ pro-choice organization is ready for the challenge to elect pro-choice candidates in Illinois! 

Particularly critical are two races for the Illinois Supreme Court. Anti-choice extremists are just one seat away from controlling the seven-member court just like they do on the U.S. Supreme Court. If we lose the Illinois court, extremists will make the case to overturn HB 40 and the Reproductive Health Act (RHA), consequentially reinstating Illinois’ “trigger law” that makes abortion illegal when Roe is gone. The two contested court seats are for 10-year terms, cementing the future of reproductive rights for the next decade and beyond!

The June primary and November general election are critically important. So, we put together this helpful Illinois Election 101 Fact Sheet to help breakdown what’s going on and why it matters. We hope you will check it out and share with your pro-choice friends! It covers topics like:

  • What the Census & Redistricting Means for Illinois
  • Why 2022 is a Once-In-A-Decade & Once-In-A-Generation Election
  • The Illinois Supreme Court is Elected (Not Appointed)
  • The Illinois General Assembly (ILGA)
  • 60, 30, 1 – What it Means & Why it Matters


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Texas’ horrible SB 8 law has already made its way to Idaho and it won’t stop there. If Personal PAC does not succeed in the 2022 Illinois elections, women between each coast will have no place to turn for their abortion care. While Personal PAC has a track record for positively impacting elections and a strategy in place for the 2022 election, we cannot do it alone.  

Are you ready to take action? Great!

Your support is vital to winning these races and electing a pro-choice majority – can you make a donation today to ensure we win this November? We must keep Illinois pro-choice! And our organization can elected Illinois pro-choice candidates with your support.

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Or if you’re interested in getting more involved hands-on, then Jane’s Army is the place for you! Jane’s Army is a joint campaign to recruit activist volunteers to educate, motivate, and activate pro-choice voters ahead of the critical 2022 election. This volunteer army will be deployed on the ground in targeted races across Illinois to hold extremist anti-choice candidates and politicians accountable for their radical agendas.

As you know by now, this election is profoundly important for the future of reproductive freedom in the Midwest. With all of this in mind, will you take the pledge to fight back with Jane’s Army to protect Illinois’ fragile pro-choice majority?

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This election season is going to be busy and tough with the onslaught of anti-choice extremists running to unseat our Illinois pro-choice champions. But together, we can fight back… and win!

Thank you for your commitment to protecting reproductive freedom! We hope to see you – either in person or virtually – sometime soon. Check out our upcoming events and opportunities to get involved with the campaign here.

Pro-Choice. No Exceptions.

The opponents of choice never stop their assault on women’s rights. Every generation has to fight. And in every generation, Personal PAC will be there. Help us protect women today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

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