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Jane’s Army is Preparing to Elect Illinois Pro-Choice Candidates in 2022

Illinois pro choice candidates 2022

Personal PAC, Men4Choice, and Future Voices Council
have Launched Jane’s Army to Elect Illinois
Pro-Choice Candidates in 2022!

Jane’s Army is a joint campaign to recruit activist volunteers to educate, motivate, and activate pro-choice voters ahead of the critical 2022 election. This volunteer army will be deployed on the ground in targeted races across Illinois to hold extremist anti-choice candidates and politicians accountable for their radical agendas. Jane’s Army is ready for the fight to elect Illinois pro-choice candidates in 2022… are you in?

Jane’s Army pays tribute to the original Jane Collective, a group of women who banded together in Chicago to provide access to reproductive health care from 1969-1973 when dangerous abortion bans were still in place during the pre-Roe era. “Times have changed, but the fight hasn’t. We need a new generation to step up in Illinois and carry on Jane’s fight to protect abortion rights in the post-Roe era we are facing now,” said Hannah Fierle, Co-Chair of Future Voices Council and Jane’s Army.

The 2022 election will have consequences for the next fifty years and will unleash anti-choice challengers for Governor, the Illinois General Assembly, and Illinois Supreme Court. Additionally, the two Illinois Supreme Court races will either threaten or affirm all of the progress the pro-choice movement has made over the past few decades. Ultimately, the 2022 election will determine the fate of legal abortion in the post-Roe era for generations to come.

This election is profoundly important for the future of reproductive freedom in the Midwest which is why we want you to join Jane’s Army!

Newsflash: The anti-choice movement doesn’t just want to ban abortion,
they also want to ban birth control.

Did you know that when Roe v. Wade is overturned, 26 states are ready to immediately ban most or all abortions? That’s not all – many of these states with “trigger laws” will automatically adopt “Human Life Amendments” to their state Constitutions and enact laws that will state “life begins at conception.” This move would not only outlaw abortion, but would also make the IUD and most forms of the pill murder weapons.

Not a single anti-abortion organization supports access to birth control. Without evidence, these organizations believe the pill and the IUD kill a human life. Just look at Missouri, where lawmakers tried to ban Medicaid from covering contraceptives, claiming that using them is the same as getting an abortion. Dr. Colleen McNicholas, an OB/GYN in Missouri said,

“This is an intentional and dangerous conflation of abortion-inducing medications and medications we use for birth control or other gynecologic disorders.”

Jane’s Army has put together this list of the Top 10 Worst Things About The Anti-Choice Movement to show what it really stands for. We hope you’ll check it out. Then, take the pledge to fight back with Jane’s Army to protect Illinois from anti-choice extremists running for office this November.

View the Top 10 List

Take the Pledge Today!

Every single seat is up for election and the Illinois Supreme Court is only one seat away from looking just like the radical U.S. Supreme Court. But together, we can fight back… and win!

Can you support our work by making a donation to Jane’s Army and the upcoming fight?

Support our fight!

Thank you for your commitment to protecting reproductive freedom and ensuring pro-choice candidates win in Illinois’ 2022 election! We hope to see you – either in person or virtually – sometime soon. Check out our upcoming events and opportunities to get involved with the campaign here.

Personal PAC is proud to have already endorsed (again) JB Pritzker for Governor, Toni Preckwinkle for President of the Cook County Board of Commissioners, Michael Frerichs for State Treasurer of Illinois, and Susana Mendoza for Comptroller of Illinois. Our full list of June 28th primary endorsements can be found here.

Please stay tuned for our full list of endorsements ahead of the November 8th general election!

Applications to vote by mail can now be requested from local election authorities for the June 28th primary election. In Chicago, voters can apply now by clicking here.

Voters outside Chicago can contact their local county clerk or election authority, or visit the below links.

Keep an eye out for endorsements, updates, volunteer opportunities, and more to help us elect pro-choice candidates in Illinois!

Pro-Choice. No Exceptions.

The opponents of choice never stop their assault on women’s rights. Every generation has to fight. And in every generation, Personal PAC will be there. Help us protect women today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

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