Wednesday's Worst: Tom Morrison, Anti-Choice State Representative

Wednesday’s Worst: Tom Morrison

State Representative Tom Morrison is truly one of Illinois’ worst. He voted no on the ERA, compared abortion to slavery on the Illinois House Floor, is co-sponsoring legislation (HB 4114) to repeal HB 40 and ban abortion, and believes rape and incest survivors don’t have reproductive rights.

Tom must be defeated in November — and Maggie Trevor is ready to take him on and give 54th district Palatine and Rolling Meadows residents the pro-choice representation they deserve!

Maggie fully supports women’s rights and is in favor of the ERA and HB 40. She needs all the help she can get in her fight against the extreme anti-choice incumbent Morrison. Support the fight in this and other crucial races by making a donation to Personal PAC today or by purchasing a ticket or table to join us at our 2018 luncheon.

We can’t win without your help.

Always in choice (no exceptions – ever!),

Terry Cosgrove
President & CEO

Pro-Choice. No Exceptions.

The opponents of choice never stop their assault on women’s rights. Every generation has to fight. And in every generation, Personal PAC will be there. Help us protect women today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

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