Press Conference: Governor Rauner's Deception on Reproductive Rights

2017-09-19 | Personal PAC

At a press conference on April 19, Personal PAC President & CEO, Terry Cosgrove, held Governor Rauner accountable: "Governor Rauner’s intention to veto HB 40 after submitting Personal PAC’s 2014 Questionnaire [that clearly stated his support for repealing the ban of Medicaid funding for abortion] is not only dishonest, it defrauds every voter who took him at his word and mistakenly believed him to be an honest man. The only ethical way for Governor Rauner to move forward as the leader of this great state is to honor his 2014 commitment to the voters of Illinois and publicly state TODAY that he will sign HB 40 when it reaches his desk." Please click here to view Governor Rauner's 2014 Perosnal PAC Questionnaire (Bruce Rauner, 2014, Governor.pdf). Please click here to view Governor Thompson's 1977 veto letter (Gov. Thompson Veto Message 1977.pdf). Please click here to view Diana and Bruce Rauner's full page 2014 Chicago Tribune ad in favor of choice (FINAL_Trib_Full_100 Rauner Pro-Choice.pdf).